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    The official

    of Blue Tarp Surfing

  • Once upon
    a tarp,

    in sunny Southern California,
    there was a man.

  • One day while at
    his boat,

    a gust of wind
    began to blow...

  • The wind caught
    the tarp...

    ...and it blew in the air!
    This gave the man an idea...

  • The man
    rushed home,

    and told his boys
    about his incredible new idea.

  • One tarp,
    one skateboard,

    and a ton of fun later...

  • Blue Tarp Surfing was born!

    And the sport has only just begun to catch on!

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    that started the craze!

    Click to view the original tarp surfing video
  • CBS News Shawn Styles Tarp Surfing

    Pause music (above right) and WATCH…

    It’s only been around for about two years, and already it’s spread around the world. But it started right here in Southern California.

  • Wyatt Brady gets out from under the blue tarp to get a real barrel

    At the WSA Mission Beach contest Wyatt & Robert Brady both place 2nd in their divisions surfing some very fun overhead offshore perfection.  Both get nice barrels in their final.  Tarp Surfers Surfing…

    Long barrel for Wyatt in the final...comes out dry

  • Monster Tarp Surf Pipes!!

    Two corner pull creates this large hollow wall…Wyatt about to get covered and come out dry!!  Tarp Surfing keeps evolving and new ways of pulling bigger and bigger Tarp Waves keep coming.  Watch for our upcoming How To Tarp Surf video with tons of new tricks…

    Two Corner Pull Makes Big Hollow Wall

  • Tarp Surfing 2 At A Time

    Double Barrel

    Ever try Tarping 2 at a time?  How about 10 at a time?  How about 20 at a time?  Video coming soon!!

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