Tarp Surfing goes Rockstar

Tarp Surfing goes ROCKSTAR!!  Friday September 24th at the Verizon Amphitheater, Blue Tarp Surfing was invited to join the ROCKSTAR energy drink Uproar Tour.  Set up next near the stage we pulled hundreds of round perfect tubes while bands played for thousands of fans.  The Blue Tarp Surfing tubes and crew were so popular we were invited to follow the tour the next day to San Diego’s Cricket Amphitheater where we were set up next to the Metal Mulisha motorcycle crew (who rode wheelies through big Tarp Tubes).  Video coming soon!!

We were given all access passes and ended the night having a blast backstage with the bands and crew.  The crew from Blue Tarp Surfing wants to thank everyone involved and looks forward to future events.  Stay posted!!