The Story Of How Tarp Surfing Started

  Tarp Surfing started in 2009 in the hills of San Juan Capistrano by the Brady family and a close family friend Dodge Weirath.  Mr. Brady was covering his boat with a large Blue Tarp when he saw the wind blow a wave through it.  He showed the boys and they took it from there. Soon after, Tarp Surfing was born.

For Christmas of 2009 the boys got a new tarp and a video camera.  The day after the first YouTube Tarp Surfing video titled “Blue Tarp Surfing” was posted.  Soon it was on Surfline where the guys from saw it. Together they made the second Tarp Surfing video called “Tarp Pits” now considered the best Tarp Surfing video ever made. Months later after seeing these videos another video simply called “Tarp Surfing” was produced by Homer Hernard and a group of surfers in Santa Cruz.  After being posted and heavily marketed it went viral in less than a week.

The San Juan group knowing this was way more than just a blast to do filed a patent on the game of Tarp Surfing in December 2009.  Since then they have filed patents on specially designed tarps and accessories just for Tarp Surfing.

L-R; Wyatt Brady, Dodge Weirath, Robert Brady, Cody Brady

*Robert  Brady parked his boat in 2009 after being diagnosed with a deadly form of cancer.  He is now in remission and the only known survivor of this cancer. A portion of proceeds from their company Blue Tarp Surfing is being donated to Stem Cell and Cancer Research. “ Tarp Surfing actually helped me through it” Robert Brady.