October Issue Of Surfer Magazine page 88

October Issue Of Surfer Magazine page 88

Blue Tarp Surfing in Surfer Magazine.  Check out Cody (pulling barrel) and Dodge (getting barreled) in the October issue of Surfer Magazine on page 88.  Congratulations to both of them but really how could they not put this in….how is that Tarp Tube?

Stay with us…soon we will have lots of insane Blue Tarp Surfing Supplies that no one else does at incredible prices.

Get ready to be able to Tarp Surf  by yourself and throw your own double overhead dry Tarp Tubes!!

These are all new products designed by the originators of the fun!!  These are so great they are expanding the possibilities of Tarp Surfing.  It is the modern day slip n slide but way more fun!!

So soon you can get a Tarp Surfing kit that will totally change the way you look at Tarp Surfing.

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by Blue Tarp Surfing a division of Mad Tako Incorporated

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