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    The official

    of Blue Tarp Surfing

  • Once upon
    a tarp,

    in sunny Southern California,
    there was a man.

  • One day while at
    his boat,

    a gust of wind
    began to blow...

  • The wind caught
    the tarp...

    ...and it blew in the air!
    This gave the man an idea...

  • The man
    rushed home,

    and told his boys
    about his incredible new idea.

  • One tarp,
    one skateboard,

    and a ton of fun later...

  • Blue Tarp Surfing was born!

    And the sport has only just begun to catch on!

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    that started the craze!

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  • The Best TARPS for Tarp Surfing

    ….get a Blue Tarp from us… We’ve tested tarps from nearly every manufacturer on earth and found the best for Tarp Surfing.  & our tarps are RE RECYCLABLE!!

    A portion of all proceeds go to Charity



    grom of the week


  • Cody Brady, The First to Say “Let’s Skate Through The Tarp Tube”

    Cody Brady...first to ride a skateboard through the Tarp Tube...

    After all the ways we firsted “Tarp Surfed” Cody said “Let’s pull the tarp from one corner and skate through the tube” offically making Tarp Surfing the way it is today.  Cody creator of the way Tarp Surfing is done today…

    **Cody in the water is also one of the best tube riders in surfing…always gets deep in and comes out!

    Pipe Doctor Cody

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