Tarp Surfing at Almond Surf Shop

Before the premiere of Cyrus Sutton’s sold out movie “Stoked and Broke” there were some big blue tarp tubes going off at the Almond Surf Shop in Newport.  In a small parking lot on the corner in front of the Almond Surf Shop a 30′ x 50′ blue tarp donated by the boys of Blue Tarp Surfing was stretched out and pulled offering up some nice tarp slabs.

The Tarp Surfing drew a crowd of happy riders who after enjoying lots of Tarp Surfing moved over to the Lido

Theater to enjoy Cyrus’s new movie.  Before the movie they played the short Cyrus made called Tarp Pits…the birth of tarp surfing… and the crowd went wild.  Stoked and Broke was a great movie that you all should go see as well.  Watch for it as the tour continues.  Click on the link to Korduroy TV to see where it will be playing next.