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    The official

    of Blue Tarp Surfing

  • Once upon
    a tarp,

    in sunny Southern California,
    there was a man.

  • One day while at
    his boat,

    a gust of wind
    began to blow...

  • The wind caught
    the tarp...

    ...and it blew in the air!
    This gave the man an idea...

  • The man
    rushed home,

    and told his boys
    about his incredible new idea.

  • One tarp,
    one skateboard,

    and a ton of fun later...

  • Blue Tarp Surfing was born!

    And the sport has only just begun to catch on!

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    that started the craze!

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  • What the Tarp?

    Robert Brady with his kids

    Whoa!!  The whole side yard is covered with Blue Tarps.  The street is littered with them along with skateboards, weights, stickers, juice boxes, water bottles and???  Neighbors must be on the edge of freaking.  Ten foot waves breaking in our street everyday. What a crazy deal but in my head is worse.  It hasn’t stopped since it began!  R and D; Research and Development?  Yes, and R and D stands for Robert and Dawn and family and friends…totally obsessed!  Our crew has come up with the best tarps by far for throwing monster barrels that feel totally real. Blue Tarp Surfing…who would have thought….yet it was obvious from the first barrel.  Blue Tarp Surfaholics Unite!!

  • Synthetic Tubes

    My feet burn. My neck hurts. My left arm is asleep. And my right arm died long ago, along with the first three layers of skin on my back.

    I try carrying the board over my head in a last hope effort to escape the noon o’clock summer sun, but the cold water wax that has been on there since last February doesn’t stand a chance, melting into a dirty goo and then into my scalp.

    The black asphalt starts to bend and warp in front of me. I fear at any moment the trail will turn into a river of molten tar.

    I accept the onset of heat exhaustion, waving to the polar bear doing cartwheels across the path. He returns the gesture. I think once I saw a show where a man in the desert uses his own fluids on himself to stay cool. I might have given it a try if all of the fluids in my body hadn’t evaporated out of my little finger.

    I am running now, figuring my chances of disintegrating into nothing more than a silhouette on the trail seem very possible. And before someone draws with wax across my remains I reach the ocean. It is blown out and two inches. So I go blue tarp surfing instead. Finding shade in the s\synthetic toobs.

  • Tarp Surfing – Anywhere, Anytime, and Anyplace

    I love tarp surfing because you can do it anywhere, anytime, and anyplace.  You never have to deal with cold water or on shore winds.  It just takes about four minutes to set up and you have a perfect barrel. It brings a smile to everyone’s faces every time.  This is why I love tarp surfing.

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